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The Earth is a beautiful sight, but deep down inside not so much. I’m going to tell you about the inside of the Earth. The Earth’s  layers the layers is what I’m going to tell you about also the inner core , and stuff like that.The first layer I’m going to talk about is the crust. The Earth’s crust is very hard it is sometimes under the sea,but sometimes an land. If you want to see the Earth’s crust Then two things one look pictures on a website, or get a drill, and drill deep down which is very, very, very DANGEROUS. I don’t recommend doing it because their is a good chance of hurting yourself.

The next layer that I’m going to be talking about is the outer core. The outer core is almost 2266 km also known as 1408 miles. It is 1800 miles below the Earth’s surface. It is believe it or not four thousand to nine thousand degrees hot! The outer core is the second last layer to the Earth.

The last layer I’m going to talk about is the inner core. The radius of the inner core is about 70% the same of our moon’s radius. The inner core is an iron ball( which makes compasses work). The pressure on it is so hard that it cannot melt. If technology gets way better, and they make suites that can go to the center of the Earth then if anyone goes it is like being in space with zero g (zero g means no gravity). The outer core is made of liquid iron The iron is about 7000 degrees it is cooler than the inner core, but still very, very ,very hot. The iron ball is about as hot as the surface of the sun! That’s really hot.

That’s really all the layers to the planet Earth.