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I went to the San Diego Zoo with my class in first grade at 8:40 a.m. My mom woke me up in the morning. I was feeling very exhausted and I didn’t want to get up. I looked at the time and saw that it was 7:15 a.m. Then I remembered that we were going to have our class field trip to the San Diego Zoo! I got out of bed and got ready for school. My mom started to make breakfast. I ate my breakfast and my mom, my sister, and I went walking to school. I went into my class and my teacher Ms. Anderson started to tell us who would be our partner. My partner was my friend Keani. My mom was going to come with us. Other groups had more than three people but we only had three my mom, Keani, and me. Then everyone got on the bus and left for the zoo.

When we first got to the zoo we had to wait outside for 15 minutes before we got inside. Then after waiting a long time we finally got inside the zoo. The zookeeper gave us a map so we can know where everything is. First of all we decided to see the swans. The swans were white and they had lots of feathers. The water that the swans were swimming in was green and it looked like it was dirty. I saw a zookeeper that was cleaning the swan’s water. Then we decided to go see the zebras. The zebras had black and white stripes. Some people wanted to feed the zebras but there was a sign that said Do not feed the zebras! After that we went to see the flamingoes. The flamingoes were pink and they had skinny legs. These flamingoes were actually gray or white but the food they eat makes them look pink. They were walking all around the grass like they were crazy! We had a good time looking at the animals.

After that, we went to see the reptiles. When we got there, the first thing I saw were lots of snakes. There were green snakes, brown snakes, red snakes, and even yellow snakes! They were slithering all around their cage. Then we saw some lazy green turtles sleeping in the water. Some turtles were little and others were big. Even though I could not touch the turtles I could tell that they had a hard shell. My mom took pictures of the turtles. We also saw some lizzards climbing little branches. They were each a different color. We saw other reptiles like iguanas and frogs too.

Next, we ate lunch. We ate lunch on a green bench. My mom and I ate a turkey sandwich and Keani ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. After we ate lunch, my mom bought me a vanilla ice cream cone and a chocolate ice cream cone for Keani. I had a delicious lunch.

Then, we went to see the birds at the bird aviary. We saw peacocks with many different colors. When I went close to the peacock to see it, the peacock opened up it’s feathers so we could see them. I saw a lot of parrots and toucans in a giant cage. The toucans had big yellow beaks and red and blue feathers. The parrots had red, green, blue, purple, and yellow feathers and small beaks. There were also blue jays and red jays flying all around the cage.

Last of all, we went to see the african animals. At the african area, there were lots of animals. One of the animals that we saw there were kangaroos. The kangaroos were sleeping with their babies under a tall tree. They were very tall and had long tails. We also saw giraffes at the african area. They had long necks, brown spots, and yellow bodies. One of the giraffes was eating leaves from tall trees. When we left the african area where the giraffes were, there was a small bridge with lots of trees. My mom took pictures of us there and we could see the giraffes in the background. I had a nice time at the african area.

I had a great time at the San Diego Zoo with my class. I think it was a great way to learn more about animals and have fun. I will never forget this wonderful trip I had with my class!