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I had a blast at San Diego. Our class and 2 other classes from our school went to see the San Diego mission. The San Diego mission was the first missions to be built by Father Serra and which he built 9 missions. When we got there first we went to the church inside mission San Diego. The docent was talking about the history about Father Serra and how he built the mission. The docent told us about the pictures on the wall and statues and who were those people as statues on the walls. Also the docent was leading us to the back of the church she was telling that the doors were made from redwood trees and it was also for protection from enemies. Next, the docent led the group to the garden nearby the church and then we saw a statue of Father Serra and where some indians were buried. After, she was talking about Father Serra, the whole group went to a museum. The museum was filled with things that were from the indians and the docent was talking to us how important and the indians wanted to make an easier life for themselves.

The next place we went to was the San Diego Cruise. It was a boat and it had seats inside the boat.We ate lunch inside the boat.The boat had three floors , one floor for the top of the boat to see a great view, the 2nd floor was for the employees that were working for the boat company and the last floor was were the snack bar and some of the tables and ate lunch. But, me, my mom, Gustavo, and Jacob went to the top floor and ate up there. We saw a seal family resting and a dolphin getting fed. The company was called “Whale Watchers” but we didn’t see any whales!!!

The last place we went to was Old Town, San Diego. When we got at Old Town, San Diego, the docent was wearing cowboy clothes and Old Town made you feel you were in back in the day. The docent was telling us about this plants indian women used on a cactus for lipstick. After  the docent was telling us about that,we went to this place where iron was burned. The guy was in dirty uniform and he was using different tools to try to burn the iron in his hand. The next place the docent took us to was a house. So we went inside the house and the docent led us to a bucket and another bucket. The docent was telling us about how the indians got water for their tribe. After our tour at Old Town  we got our own personalized pizzas and we got to eat it on the bus drive back to school.  It was a great experience to go to San Diego and to see sea lions and big helicopters and submarines on the Cruise ship. It was a fun field trip and I hope I can go again