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For class trips you’ve been to the museum, observatory, and things like that but have you been to Google? Probably not. You would think that I’m crazy ,but Google is actually a place and I would love to go to Google. Why you might ask? Because we can see how they work with technology, they also have a corporate and an original campus called Googleplex, and they make cool websites like google classroom.

To begin with, Google can be exciting to go to because we can see how they work with technology. In other words, we can see technology the way they use it and how they see it. There creations can be expensive, but if you go there maybe they’ll let you try their inventions. Like with google glass when you go to the Google building you got to try on the creation once it came out. Google created a tree made of code that formed a hologram tree. Google also made a code bracelet that was actually was made with code and was printed with a 3D printer.

However another reason is Google has a corporate and a original campus called Googleplex. Lets just say, it would be cool to see something in real life than in pictures. Because its boring to just see it in websites than see it in real life. Like if you look up Larry Page then it’s probably going to just tell you about his birth date or those kind of things, not like what’s his favorite part of working with Google or what’s his favorite food and you can only get that through asking in real life. Also like Sergey Brin if you look him up you’ll only see where he was born, his birthday, and maybe even his children. Think about it, that’s all you would know about him don’t you want to know his likes and dislikes. And you can see all the workers that they have that aren’t even on the web, you can still see them in real life.

Finally another reason is Google made cool websites like google classroom that include code. To put it differently, you can see the code that they made with the different websites they had created. It would be cool too see all the code it took to made that creation. If you try to look up google classroom code, it wouldn’t give you what you want so you would have to go there to actually see the code on that website.Remember the code bracelets I told you about well maybe you can see the code that was used for the bracelets. The hologram tree you can also see the code that was used to make that, I know i’ll enjoy it because I love code.

Google is a great place to learn and have fun. If I were able to go I would be happy as a squirrel getting nuts. I dearly hope I get to go there some day.