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The Perfect Place For A Field Trip by Jaden

The LA History Museum is the best place for a field trip because there are a lot of activities that we can do. There are a lot of exhibits that we can go to like the Mammal Hall. There is an exhibit that we can go to and learn about the velvet ant and the White-eyed assassin bug.

First of all it is very educational there are a lot of exhibits that we can go to and learn about like the live animals that we can see like a king snake and a lot of other cool animals like bugs such as a scorpion and a stick insect. One example is when I went last year to the insect zoo and see the live animals. once I went  and there was a tarantula called the Brazilian salmon  tarantula. The people that present them are really nice. sometimes they let you touch them and they will answer all your Questions about the animals that they present to you. It is really fun to go and see all the bugs and learn all about them. One time I asked what the  Brazilian salmon tarantula ate and the said that they eat birds! luckily for the birds they are not very skilled at capturing and eating them but they can eat remarkably large prey such as mice. I liked to see the bugs and learn about them their habitat  and what each of the bugs eat and if they are a predator or prey.

secondly we can learn all about dinosaurs like if they are herbivores or carnivores or even if they are omnivores like bears and us. We can learn how big the dinosaurs can grow and if they are big or small dinosaurs. We can learn what the dinosaur is related to like the the  tyrannosaurus rex most commonly known as the T-rex is related to the chicken. one I went to   to a plays called l dinosaur encounters and learn about the dinosaur like if we don’t know the name of the dinosaur we can learn the name of it like if we didn’t know the name of a dinosaur say the velociraptor we could ask them what the name of the dinosaur is and they would tell you that the name of the dinosaur is velociraptor and the best part for teachers is just like that a student learned something  new. and once we leave the play we can go and learn about how we found them and how there bodys work like the plates on a stegosauruses back are used to cool them off. We can learn if they help use it to defend themself or if if is to cool them off.

Last but not last there are a lot of activities we can do there that are fun and educational at the same time like the Urban Soil Carbon Water Summit. We can learn about how to use soil to solve most of our environmental problems. There is also a behind the scenes tour called car tours where we can learn about  historic cars and motorcycles dating from 1900 to 1984. There are about 60 to or 75 cars and motorcycles including the 1908 Pierce Great Arrow which won best class in the Pre-war Preservation class and the chairman’s Trophy at the 2012 Pebble Beach Concour d’Elegance! We can learn about the history about the history of automotive design and Los Angeles’ rich and sometimes surprising automotive past.

The museum is a good place to go on a field trip because there is a lot of things that are educational that we can go to.

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